Porch Swing *Ultra-grade* Hanging Anchors (set of 2)

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  • Crafted from durable metal, the two swing hanging hooks are meant to withstand the wear and tear of indoor or outdoor use.
  • The hangers are made with glass and reinforced nylon plastic around the metal. They are covered in ABS plastic, a high-impact, rust-resistant plastic that ensures the longevity of the piece.
  • They're extra versatile, because they function as accessories to all porch swings
  • Complete set of 2
  • 1500 lb weight capacity
  • Flange Foot Print: L = 5.25" W= 2.00" H = 4.00" distance between 2 holes # 3 5/8"
  • 1" hole ID
  • 60 Day Warranty
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