14' Trampoline Safety Net Parts (Cable Wires Set of 12)

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  1. These 12 - Cable Wires/Flex Rods connect together, to secure the Top of the Trampoline Safety Enclosure Net to the Plastic End Caps
  2. These are then attached on to the end of the Enclosure Poles
  3. Includes a Full Set of 12- Cable Wires/flex Rods
  4. Each Cable Wire is 40" in Length
  5. Fits almost all 14ft. Trampoline Models that secure the Net to the Pole End Caps
  6. Just like it shows in the attached diagrams
  7. Will Fit 14ft. Trampoline models only
  8. Also fits the following Trampoline models:
  • TR1463A-FLEX-FZ
  • TR-1686-TPR
  • TR-1463A-ENC-WMC
  • TR1888-FLEX-ENC
  • TR1888-SPN-WMC
  • TR-16803ES-WMC 
  • 5F60753
  • TR-168BF15-WMC
  • TR-168-BF15