Trampoline Stakes Anchors - Strong and Galvanized Gives a Greater Span of Anchorage - Trampoline Anchors Trampoline Anchor kit | Trampoline Wind Stakes | Ground Anchors Heavy Duty |Spiral Anchor

A great way to help ensure the safeness of your trampoline. Using a spiral design kit will allow your trampoline to stay in place while being used and not let it be blown away by the harsh wind. Works great with round or rectangular trampoline styles.

Trampoline Not Included.


  • Buckles have been tested to load a large strain without breaking
  • Trampoline anchors equipped with galvanized steel, providing safety and stability
  • 4 Trampoline stakes anchors, zinc-plated steel cork-screws, including adjustable heavy-duty straps
  • The Jump Power trampoline stakes anchors are compatible with all sizes, including round, square, rectangle, and circular Trampolines
  • Please check if the soil is suitable before purchasing the trampoline stakes

Product Details

  • Universal Accessory/Part (Fits All Trampolines)
  • Pieces Included: 4 Spiral anchors and 4 straps